Retail Strategy Task Force Members

Sina von Reitzenstein - Chair,  PIER 39

Gina Alioto,   F & A Alioto Properties, Nunzio Corp.
David Berbey,   Cioppino's Restaurant, SF Portco
John Cannizzaro,  Cannizzaro Properties
Molly Castles,   Ghirardelli Square
Troy Campbell,   Fisherman's Wharf CBD
Christopher Corgas,  Office of Economic & Workforce Development
Jay Edwards,  Port of San Francisco
Aline Estournes,  NorthPoint Shopping Center
Rodney Fong,  Fong Real Estate
Greg Namura,   Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf
Katie Mitchell,  Ghirardelli Square
Antone Sabella,  A. Sabella Building
Laura Schaefer,  Fisherman's Wharf CBD
Tony Smith,  Anchorage Shopping Center
Dennis Swayne,  Fisherman's Wharf Merchants Association
Jason Williams, Hotel Zephyr


Meet our Project Consultants

The FWCBD has hired San Francisco based consulting firms Seifel Consulting and lowercase productions to create a comprehensive Retail Strategy Document. Through this dynamic process, strategic retail recommendations will be used to enhance and potentially diversify the current retail landscape and to increase investment in the district. 

For this project, Seifel Consulting will conduct all research and analytical work, with visual communication and branding support from lowercase productions. Seifel brings over two decades of work experience in retail analysis, economic development, strategic planning, multiparty stakeholder consensus building, survey administration and data analysis. 

Seifel Consulting 


Libby Seifel - Libby is president of Seifel Consulting and has lived and worked in many of the City’s neighborhoods. Her firm served as the economic and market consultant on the Upper Market Community Plan, the Castro Retail Strategy and on many other neighborhood plans. Seifel Consulting has also prepared a broad variety of revitalization strategies for cities throughout California, helping to spur business growth while enhancing neighborhood character.

Danny Yadegar -  Danny has a background in urban design and planning, with degrees in economics and landscape architecture. He is a board member of the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association, and has lived in the Triangle since 2008. He is passionate about community development.

lowercase productions 

Daniel Reider - Dan has a background in graphic design, brand strategy, messaging, outreach and project management. With over 20 years as graphic designer within the architecture and planning field, Daniel brings an intuitive sensibility to public outreach, design and communication within our urban environment.